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Lisa Katsiaris As a child, my globetrotting godfather gave me a book called 'Picture of Japan'. It sparked a fascination with Japan, a passion for travel, and a love of elegant simplicity and uncluttered spaces.

Today, I travel frequently to produce fine art images that reflect the tranquil and often fragile beauty of the places I seek out. Wherever I’m shooting, the common themes that run through my work are a feeling of serenity and introspection, an ability to see beauty in the often ordinary and imperfect, and a desire to capture my emotional response to, rather than a literal representation of, the world around me.

In 2016, I finally made it to Japan. The country that had captured my imagination for so long, made a deep and lasting impression on me. Since then, my work has become more influenced by the philosophy and aesthetic of Zen Buddhism. In particular, the concept of ma which, although often translated simply as 'negative space' or a void, signifies so much more: the space between two things, the physical space and time that we need to experience life.

Using a monochrome palette, simplified compositions and often long exposure to slow down the passing of time and isolate elements within the frame, my images eradicate the superfluous, creating an interval of time and space that invites the viewer to fill with their own narrative and emotions.

I hope looking at my images gives you a moment of reflection in an otherwise hectic world.

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